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Specialist Varicose, Thread and Spider Vein Treatments in Preston

North West Clinic in Preston are specialists in providing a range of specialist varicose, thread and spider vein treatment procedures to treat the cause of the venous disease and ensure aesthetically improved results. Consulting staff run clinics in Blackpool and Preston and treat patients with vein conditions throughout the Northwest, Southport, the Lake District, Wigan and Manchester.

Vein conditions

Vein problems such as varicose, thread and spider veins are commonly referred to as venous diseases, conditions caused by veins that become diseased or abnormal. Mild cases of venous disease are often unsightly but are not problematic, however, should the disease worsen, it can lead to chronic venous insufficiency and symptoms such as significant discomfort, itching, aching, burning, and swelling of the legs, skin discolouration, eczema, and in advanced cases, ulceration. 

Treating varicose veins will significantly improve these symptoms, and in some cases will prevent further ulceration. Once the superficial varicose vein treatment is completed, the deep veins will be the main route to carry the blood toward heart. The legs are mainly dependent on deep veins (which are imbedded deep in the muscles and close to bones). Both the superficial and deep vein systems are closely studied by Ultrasound scan on first consultation prior to any kind of treatment to ensure treatment of the root cause, rather than just the visible symptoms. 

conventional vein treatments
Radio frequency ablation

Varicose vein treatment with the latest VenaSeal technology

At the North West Clinic, we use the latest techniques including Radio-Frequency Ablation and VenaSeal, to treat thread, spider and varicose veins. Patient care and satisfaction are central to what we do, and our patients are supported from the very beginning of the process right through to making sure that there is a clear plan for any aftercare needed. 

We are happy to provide a full consultation to advise you on the best course of action for your treatment. North West Clinic also offer financial options if needed. Based in Preston, consultants run clinics in Blackpool and Preston and treat patients throughout the Northwest, Southport, the Lake District, Wigan and Manchester.


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