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Revolutionary Ultrasound VenaSeal treatments in Preston

The VenaSeal, or Cyanoacrylate Bio-Glue treatment, is an innovative alternative to surgery for vein abnormalities. Treatment uses cyanoacrylate, a glue-type substance, guided by ultrasound, to seal diseased veins with minimal invasiveness and recovery time for patients who choose to have this treatment at The North West Clinic. Our consultants run clinics in Blackpool and Preston and treat patients throughout the Northwest, Southport, the Lake District, Wigan and Manchester.

What is Cyanoacrylate Bio-Glue treatment?

Cyanoacrylate Bio-Glue treatment, or VenaSeal, is an innovation innovation in the treatment of varicose veins, using cyanoacrylate glue to seal the vein. Cyanoacrylate is a ‘glue-type’ substance which has previously been used in the effective treatment of blood vessel abnormalities (arterio-venous malformations) for over a decade. Recently, there have been further developments and cyanoacrylate has become recognized as an innovative treatment for varicose veins that does not require heating or burning, local anesthesia, or compression post procedure. The results of cyanoacrylate on abnormal veins are very impressive, with clinical studies supporting its effectiveness. 

Effective treatment with only local anaesthesia 

The VenaSeal procedure is the only non-thermal, non-tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure. The VenaSeal treatment takes the form of a simple injection directly into the varicose vein, guided by ultrasound. It is a quick and convenient treatment requiring only a single minimal dose of local anesthesia at the injection site during the procedure. This is unlike thermal ablation, during which a series of local anaesthetic injections are required. 

Why choose Cyanoacrylate Bio-Glue treatment at North West Clinic?

There are many benefits to choosing VenaSeal to treat venous disease: 
  • Clinical studies have demonstrated that VenaSeal is safe and effective;
  • The procedure is virtually pain free, meaning you can resume your normal activities almost immediately;
  • The procedure is administered without the use of tumescent anesthesia, avoiding discomfort associated with multiple needle sticks;
  • Following the procedure, there is no need to wear compression stockings or bandages and you are certified safe to fly;
  • Cyanoacrylate Bio-Glue treatments have a much quicker recovery time and less side effects than conventional surgery.

Should you decide that VenaSeal is the right treatment for you, our knowledgeable consultant at the North West Vein Clinic will be able to advise you further. VenaSeal offers a much more convenient alternative to surgery, however, there are alternative modern treatments, such as Radio-Frequency Ablation and Sclerotherapy.

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