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Conventional Varicose Vein TREATMENT in Preston

There are many modern minimally invasive procedures that suit most patients, however there are traditional  treatment methods which are still popular. At the North West Clinic in Preston, we will support you with a full consultation so you can choose the course of treatment which is right for you. Our consultants run clinics in Blackpool and Preston and treat patients from Southport, the Lake District, Wigan, Manchester and the Northwest.

Support stockings

Support stockings are elasticated stockings meant to be worn during the day. They apply graduated compression to the leg in order to help blood pass back up the leg and back to the heart. Support stockings can stop legs from feeling tired and heavy, and provide relief to wearers; however, they do not make varicose veins disappear, and they can be uncomfortable and unsightly to wear. Support stockings offer a more temporary relief than a permanent solution.

Varicose vein surgery

Conventional surgery on varicose veins involves making a 1 to 2-inch incision in the groin and a smaller cut at the knee or ankle. From this, the main venous branches are tied off and the superficial vein is then stripped using a special stripping tool. Often, other, smaller cuts are made along the leg to extract smaller varicose veins. The procedure is completed under general anesthetic.

In most varicose vein surgeries, the patient will be treated as a day case and require a larger degree of aftercare than in more modern vein treatments. Should you decide on surgery, you will need to wear tight bandages and stockings for a number of weeks and may need to take time off work for your recovery.

Although surgery is the most effective traditional method of vein treatment, there are side effects associated with the procedure, including scars, risk of deep vein thrombosis and nerve injury.

Other conventional vein treatment

Another conventional treatment method is multiple stab avulsions – or phlebectomies. In this procedure, the visible, bulging, surface veins are removed through small incisions no larger than 3 millimetres in size. The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic, and the scars and pain of a phlebectomy are minimal in comparison to traditional surgery, meaning a quicker recovery and result. However, phlebectomies only remove the surface varicose veins and do not treat the cause; ideally phlebectomies are performed in conjunction with other vein treatments.
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